Being So Small (Isn’t So Bad After All) Book Review

Fun fact: I am 4’10”. I’ve never minded being short. I enjoy having the option of shopping in the kids department (kid Uggs are much cheaper) and I like being able to swing my legs whenever I sit.

Being so Small (Isn’t So Bad After All)  by Lori Orlinsky and illustrated by Vanessa Alexandre, is a fabulous book about a mom and her daughter talking about the positives of being small.

The structure of the story is perfect. The writing structure includes rhyming, which makes the story engaging, along with some adorable illustrations! The plot flows really well and there is never a lull.

One of my favorite aspects of this text are how realistic it is. It discusses the struggles of meeting height requirements for rides and the challenges of playing basketball. My personal favorite example was that the little girl has to walk twice as fast as her friends. I have actually told people to slow down because my short legs can’t keep up with them, LOL.

My two and a half year old definitely takes after me in the height department. As a parent, I know that one day I will have a conversation with her about being small, and I can’t wait to read her this book to help illustrate a great life lesson.

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