My Favorite Literacy Blogs

I love how social media has allowed me to connect with some amazing individuals over the years, and it has also introduced me to incredible members of the literacy world. I look to these fabulous ladies for inspiration and motivation on all things literacy :).

  1. Read Aloud Revival. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m OBSESSED with Sarah Mackenzie (see Reading Aloud Resources for Parents post). She is a homeschooling mom who has such an incredible passion for reading with her six kids. Her blog is geared towards families who read at home with their children. One of my favorite things that Mackenzie does is create book lists. Not only does this make life easier for busy families, it provides guidance in creating a culture of reading at home. Mackenzie also has an ah-mazing podcast.
  2. The Literacy Nest.Ā  The last year and half I’ve been immersing myself in dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham. Through this journey I came across Emily Gibbons from The Literacy Nest, who is my guru in the dyslexia world. Her blog includes fabulous tips, strategies, and ideas to help dyslexic students. I love that the information can be used by teachers AND parents. She even has a Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can purchase resources to use with students (click here for the store). I’ve also had the privilege to learn from Emily through Tutor Success Academy and she is just awesome!
  3. Katie McKnight Literacy. I found Dr. Katie McKnight my first year teaching and have been following her ever since. She focuses on secondary (grades 6-12) reading and writing skills for the 21st century. What makes her stand out to me is her constant support for teachers and parents. She has published books, won multiple awards, and has presented all over the US. She even provides professional development online, in webinars, or in person.



5 thoughts on “My Favorite Literacy Blogs

  1. I am in a grad class for reading and our assignment was to write a poem about sharing reading and then post it on a blog for others to view. I chose your blog! Enjoy

    Book Sharing With Friends
    An Acrostic Poem
    By: Hannah King

    B-Begin by finding interesting books that appeal to the reader
    O-Overcome tricky words by practicing decoding skills
    O-Outline what good readers do to be successful
    K- Know how to apply many strategies to decode tricky words

    S-Share about personal connections to reading material
    H-Have a daily scheduled time to read independently
    A-Ask yourself questions to better understand text
    R-Relate to characters in stories for better perspective
    I-Identify story elements and the authors purpose
    N-Notebooks can be kept by students to log books read and attempted
    G-Generate ideas about problems to critically find solutions

    W-Welcome new opportunities to learn and show your knowledge
    I- Imagine the story in your mind
    T-Take turns sharing with others about reading and thinking processes
    H-Honor the time for book conferencing one on one for support

    F-Find time to scaffold students to new learning
    R-Recommend books and do a brief retell without giving away the ending
    I-Include praise, motivation, and encouragement whenever possible
    E-Engage students by incorporating multicultural literature cross curricula
    N-Notice wild readers and support all student abilities
    D-Desire to read many genres of books
    S-Strive to be a lifelong learner


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