Parent Testimonial: See What One Mom is Saying about Little Reading Coach

One of my favorite aspects about working with kids is seeing their growth. Over the last ten years I’ve had the pleasure to work with sooo many kids. I’ve helped with research papers, summer reading assignments, college essays, and so much more.

For the last few years I’ve been working with two brothers on reading and writing skills. They are beyond awesome kids who always have me laughing. Here is what their mom is saying about Little Reading Coach’s tutoring services:

“Christine is an energetic, enthusiastic educator. She has been working with my two boys for a couple of years now. They are now in middle school and high school one with ADHD and one with dysgraphia. She has the skill, patience and sense of humor to manage antsy, wiggly boys who’d rather do anything but language arts work. Not only does she manage them well, they love working with her and have fun doing it. Their reading and writing skills have improved exponentially. Christine is kind, understanding and very resourceful. I have recommended her to many other parents and will continue to do so.” Chris F.

For more information on Little Reading Coach’s virtual tutoring services check out a previous blog post here.

To register for tutoring session click here.


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