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Profile PicWelcome to Little Reading Coach!

My name is Christine and I am a Reading Specialist, virtual teacher/tutor, and mom. My daughter, Molly, was born September 27th 2016 and since then my life has changed quite a bit. I became a new mommy, received my New Jersey certification as a Reading Specialist, and resigned from my job as a middle school language arts teacher.

I graduated from Centenary University in 2010 with a B.A. in English and my teaching certification as Teacher of English (K-12). Over the next seven years I worked as a middle school language arts teacher in a public and charter school, and tutored students of all ages and abilities. During this time I also completed my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction/Reading from University of Phoenix.

Reading has always been part of my life. When I was in kindergarten I struggled with reading. I remember being in the low reading group and never being able to keep up with my classmates. One night my parents sat me down in the kitchen and told me that I would not be going to first grade because I would be repeating kindergarten.

So the following September I went back to the same classroom with my teacher, Miss Gail, who then suggested that my parents get Hooked on Phonics. I would play my cassette tape (I feel so old saying that) and read along with my stories about a cat and a bat. Somewhere along the way, the light bulb went off and it all seemed to make sense. I ran into my classroom one morning and I spelled cat and bat for Miss Gail and felt so proud of myself. I can honestly say that day changed my life because from that moment on I have been addicted to reading.

Sadly, during my time as a teacher I have seen so many students struggle with reading. I have worked with kids who are reading on a second grade level in sixth grade because schools no longer hold them back. The world of a student revolves around technology and sometimes reading and reading skills get lost.

Which is what has brought me here. I want to help as many kids, families, and teachers as I can.

I currently teach English and reading courses with EdOptions Academy by Edmentum, and as an online reading, writing and home-based learning tutor for students in grades 6-12. For more information about my tutoring services click here.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m an aspiring educator and I’ve considered applying to a reading specialist program in the future. I work in adult education and the literacy stats are astounding. I’m glad to see people dedicated to working with families!


  2. I’m sooo glad to say I was your student and that I graduated High School last week and still (at least partially) credit my love of reading to your class.

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